Washington, D.C. (April 19, 2013) – “When you have a team, you can achieve anything… it takes a team.” The team Jeff Fried of All-In Entertainment referred to expands well past the world of business. This team was a bond formed at birth that has expanded beyond the boundaries of blood ties. It is now an outstanding level of support that reflects in current undefeated welterweight Dusty Hernandez-Harrison’s personality. At a press conference Tuesday, which announced Champion Class, a live boxing event, Rock Newman described Hernandez-Harrison as “having no limits.” Champion Class is a world-wide televised boxing event that will take place on May 18th at the University of the District of Columbia Sports Complex. Sponsors include Jordan Brand, EPIX Sports, All-In Entertainment and others.

Hernandez-Harrison also announced plans to attend the University of the District of Columbia later this year. Having his father, Buddy, as a great mentor and supporter has helped to form this teen’s sense of discipline and character. His mother was also an enthusiast in attendance at the press conference. And, from the prayers before and after each match, Hernandez-Harrison has a strong sense of faith as well. A truly well-rounded young adult with a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in every walk of life.

WriteAmong the Hernandez-Harrison supporters was friend, rapper and entertainer, Wale, a D.C. native. Wale spoke of Hernandez-Harrison donating his entire purse to honor Wale’s departed cousin, heavyweight boxer “Big Bo” Akinyanju. This not only attests to Hernandez-Harrison’s appreciation and consideration of his supporters, but demonstrates he also understands how to be a supporter.

We are only as good as our team; our backers. “Everyday, I realize I have a better team around me,” Hernandez-Harrison said. There is indeed no limit to what this young gentleman can do thanks to the team that stands not behind but beside him in his quest to dominate the welterweight division of championship boxing.

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